1. Customer agrees and verifies that this vehicle is free of any illegal substances.

  2. Auto rental will not be honored for delays resulting from mechanical breakdown or adverse weather.

  3. Customer is responsible for NOT overloading vehicle. A 150-pound maximum will be allowed. Items must be placed in trunk of car, we reserve the right to charge additional fees for exceeding the weight limit. We also ask that vehicle’s gas tank be no more than ¼ full at time of departure.

  4. Customer agrees that the liability of Atlantic Coast Auto Carriers or its agents for loss or damages to the vehicle is subject to a $200 deductible paid by the customer. The inspection on the reverse side represents a general overall condition and is not completely inclusive.

  5. Customer agrees to permit Atlantic Coast Auto Carriers or it’s agents to drive vehicle if and when it becomes necessary to and from any particular point.

  6. Transporter will not be responsible for damage caused by leaking fluids (battery acid, brake systems, cooling systems, antifreeze solutions), industrial fall-out and acts of God

  7. Transporter will not be responsible for damage caused by freezing of engine, cooling system, and/or batteries.

  8. Transporter will not be responsible for damage to the vehicle that results from tie-downs braking or tearing.

  9. Customer is responsible for preparing the vehicle for transport. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low-hanging spoilers, ect must be removed and properly secured. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the customer’s responsibility, including damages by said part to any and all other vehicles involved.

  10. Customer is responsible for completely disarming any alarm system installed in the vehicle. Customer must provide keys to any alarm system. In the event the car alarm sounds, the transporter is required to silence the alarm by any means the transporter or transport driver deems reasonable or effective.

  11. Transporter will not be responsible for damage to glass T-tops due to body flexing, damage to tires (cuts, puncturing, scrapes, etc.) or any damage resulting from failure of factory tie-down brackets or pull-through of frame tie-down holes.

  12. Transporter will not be responsible for any mechanical function damages, including engine, transmission, rear end, motor mounts, drive trains, wiring systems, cooling systems, window motors, radios, stereo systems, power steering, air bags, brake cables, or brake system, clutch cables or dutch, engine tuning, vehicle computerized systems, alarm systems, any switch, alignment, suspension, etc (anything that is mechanical or electrical).

  13. Transporter will not be responsible for any exhaust system, mufflers or tail pipes. No exceptions.

  14. Transporter will not be responsible for convertible tops that are loose, torn, or have visible wear. Transporter will not be responsible for vehicle boots, caps masks, bras, or any type of canvas or material covering. No exceptions.

  15. A deposit is required 30 days prior to pick-up date. We will only accept credit card, cashier’s check or cash. Refunds will be issued only if 72-hour notice is given.

  16. Transporter will not be responsible for articles left in the vehicle. (Theses articles are covered by homeowner’s insurance.)

  17. Vehicle owner or customer shall designate a person to act as their agent, in their absence, at the point of pick-up and/or delivery; if for any reason they are unavailable.

  18. Transporter will inform customer prior to delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the full payment when the transporter’s driver arrives. In order to effect pick-up and delivery the customer agrees to meet the transporter’s driver at specified time and place. No exceptions.

  19. Customer has reviewed his/her vehicle with no damage, except as noted on reverse side, and hereby releases Atlantic Coast Auto Carriers from any other claims. We will not honor damage claims made after delivery inspection.

  20. Customer warrants that he/she will pay all charges due Atlantic Coast Auto Carriers for delivered vehicles, and will not seek to charge back a credit card or stop a check to offset any dispute, and will abide by the terms of this contract to handle any dispute.

  21. Customer agrees that should this vehicle become inoperative for any reason during the transport, a charge of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) will be added to the transport charges and will be collected at the time of vehicle delivery. This charge must be paid cash or by cashier’s check. No exceptions.

  22. Customer agrees that the vehicle is insured and their insurance has primary responsibility.

  23. All claims will be settled at actual cost.

  24. Customer agrees that this is the only contract between the parties governing this transport and no other agreement of contract is in effect No claim or legal action of any kind may be initiated against transporter’s agent(s) or the transport broker (if any). Claims for damage must be made to the transporter.

  25. Exceptions for damages must be noted on the Bill of Lading at time of delivery. A claim for damage not documented on damage report will not be honored. All claims must be made in writing within (5) days of delivery with a statement on bill of specific damages claimed. All claims, subrogation, litigation or legal action must have right of venue in the State of New York, County of Suffolk, in the municipal court. If any provision or part of this agreement is help to be invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of the agreement remain in effect.

  26. Damage claims will not be honored until freight charges have been paid and delivery receipt has been signed and/or shipper or his agent has taken possession of vehicle.

  27. Damage claims must be noted in detail on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery and signed by the driver. Damage claims must be accompanied by 2 written estimates and photos of the damaged areas and mailed to Atlantic Coast Auto Transport at our address.

  28. Carrier reserves the right to hire an independent licensed adjuster and to pay the lowest estimates.

Address all claims to: Atlantic Coast Auto Transport