How bad does it suck now-days feeling like a number when your buying a product or a service.  What ever happened to the days when businesses gave a sh!% about you?  Well the one thing anyone who does business with us will tell you is- WE CARE, and when you ship your car with us we make sure you know it.


At the end of the day why do you choose to take your wife to that restaurant, or go to the same hair salon over and over?  It’s not because they are the cheapest I’d bet the house.  It’s because they made you FEEL great.  You felt you got the most value and you enjoyed your experience so you go back for more every time.  Unfortunately today

with big business consolidation and the Mom n’ Pop operations falling victim this feeling is becoming a thing of the past. I yearn for that type of service when buying anything.  I’d pay a premium if when I called the cable company they treated me like a human being wouldn’t you?


Ship my car

Atlantic Coast Auto Transport is a Rotary owned company(For those of you who do not know what the rotary is, GOOGLE IT).  A mantra of any serious Rotarian is “Service Above Self,” and these people live it to the core.  In a nut shell this means a Rotarian is by design, supposed to serve her community BEFORE herself.  Sounds crazy right?  Well do me a favor, go to a local Rotary meeting just once, meet the people who are there because of their passion for service and ask them why they joined Rotary.  Call me after the meeting and tell me what you think.  What is crazy is my family has had this mentality for generations without even knowing what Rotary is.  Frank Sr.

has put his car shipping clients first before his family for decades.  His wife raised us (Jr. Joe and Angela)  pretty much alone because Dad was on the road serving his customers.  Sr. missed a lot of ball games, family parties and other personal things to serve his clients.  Our family was always proud of his work ethic and today we strive to keep the same dedication at the core of our business.


You might be able to find a cheap auto transport company to do it for less.  You might find a larger company with fancy car hauler equipment, but you wont find a team of people who give a sh!% more than we do.  Our Drivers often miss out on holidays with their families to make sure your car is delivered on time.  Office staff skipping lunch to get the job done.  Ownership is not out playing golf, we are in the office every day ensuring customer service is a priority.  Bottom line- we will serve you FIRST rather than worry about ourselves and this mentality is at the core of who we are.  It is in our DNA.


Stop shopping around for the best deal on auto transport and look for the company that makes you feel good.  Maybe its not us, maybe you don’t like our accent or the color of our trucks who knows.  But when you call for a quote, ask a few more questions than  “how much.”  Ask  what chAuto Transport Trutharity they support, or what the do in the event of a damage claim, or if the owner is ever around.  Find out who you are entrusting one of your biggest assets with because its not just about price.  Giving a sh!% is hard to quantify.  I guarantee you’re not a number when you ship a car with Atlantic.