With us, it’s simple.  

Great equipment and technology, decades of experience and wisdom is how we successfully delivery thousands of cars year in and year out.


Seriously. It’s your car – or inventory – don’t you think it would be smart to find out if:

A positive solution based attitude is a must.

So many newbies are coming into this business because of a low barrier to entry.  If you want to limit exposure to headaches and nightmares, find out how much experience your broker or carrier has.  Make sure they know your route and have done work in that route in the past.

AT LEAST you want to make sure your transporter has updated- well maintained equipment.  We buy brand new trucks every year to avoid major repairs and break downs.  If you are seeing a major difference in price it may be because your broker/ carrier is cutting corners on equipment.

You wouldn’t want to fly a plane whose pilot wasn’t properly licensed or with an airline that didn’t have the right insurance right?  Both carriers and brokers must comply with FMCA  laws.
Carriers will also need to comply with DOT regulations and Brokers will have to post a bond to do business legally.
Ask the right questions before you end up on the wrong truck.  See below for further information on OPEN and ENCLOSED CARRIERS.


A real one- not just a number spit out of an algorithm designed by a college kid a basement. You must account for:

During off peak season look for great deals!  We offer promotions throughout the year during the slow times, call our office to discuss the next slow seasons pricing.  During peak seasons in late fall/ winter and in late spring/ summer you will see major increases in prices.  Mainly due to a booming demand for vehicle transportation and a shortage of trucks.    The shortage of  trucks is due to new laws imposed by the DOT putting many owner operators out of business in 2018.  Beware of the cheap quote broker who cannot find a truck to haul your car.

If you live and are shipping to a major city, even if you live in a suburb and are shipping to a suburb, shipping your vehicle should be simple, easy to coordinate and fairly priced.  This will be the case as long as you are working with a company experienced in your area.

On the other hand if you live in a rural area, not near a major interstate, shipping your car will be more of a challenge.  In this case, you will need someone who likes a challenge and who has the resources to help make your move happen.

We know you want both, and we’ll work with you to find a happy medium. If you are in a huge rush, expect to pay a bit more giving incentive to the driver to make it happen.

It’s not black and white, and you will need an experienced organization to meet your needs.  Call us today to get real answers, we promise to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

We love a good challenge.  If you have a deadline, make sure you communicate that with your transportation company.   If there are no terminals, we can meet your deadline within a 2 or 3 day window every time.  We will be honest with you right up front if we think it is a challenge we can meet, or if we think you are smoking something.  Just give us a ring and let’s see what it will take to meet your deadline.


Tell us when and where, we will be there.  Here are your options for cross state car shipping and auto transportation to and from New York:

We can send a flat bed right to your driveway on any day you choose*

If our terminal is near by, we’d love to meet you!  Drop off and save a few bucks!

If we don’t have a terminal nearby, we could send our truck as close as safely possible.


We take pride in meeting our delivery dates for cross state car shipping and auto transportation in New York and the US.  Tell us your needs and we’ll make it happen:

We can send a flat bed right to your driveway on any day you choose*

If our terminal is near by, we’d love to meet you!  Drop off and save a few bucks!

If we don’t have a terminal nearby, we could send our truck as close as safely possible.


Open Carrier

Open car carriers are an affordable and safe way to ship your vehicle to a different state. Most open air car carriers are about 80 feet long and carry up to 10 cars at a time. Most manufactures use open carriers to ship new cars from the ports and plants because it is the most economical way to ship vehicles. There is an abundance of open car carriers in service therefore prices are much more competitive, and shipping times are usually faster.  Usually the worst case scenario on an open carrier is- you need a car wash after delivery. If you want the fastest, most affordable option to ship your car cross state from or to New York, this is the way to go.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carriers will ship your vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer.  This means that there are four walls and a roof around your most prized possession. We highly recommend an enclosed carrier if the vehicle you are shipping is a classic, exotic, antique or any other high-priced vehicle.  Most enclosed shipping rates are close to double that of open. Understand there are much fewer carriers in the industry who own and operate enclosed trailers. As a result if you are not in a typically traveled area, you may need to be flexible on delivery expectations.


These people are the absolute best. They are professional, courteous and friendly. I’ve used them in the past and their service can’t be beat. I wouldn’t even dream about using anyone else. Take my word for it, Atlantic Coast Auto can’t be beat. Leave your vehicle in their hands and relax. They (no pun intended) deliver!

Henry P., Merrick, NY

We transported my car from Palm Beach to Plainview Long Island in May. The price was fair and the service was good. Both Frank and Frank jr. were very professional.

Phil G. , Plainview, NY

I would highly recommend working with Atlantic Coast Auto Trans. The whole team is reliable, honest and professional. Our cars get shipped in a flawless and timely manner as promised each time. The team exceeds our shipping expectations and we will continue to use them for many future car deliveries. For the best shipping experience, I definitely recommend Atlantic Coast

Jana F. , Great Neck Jaguar

I have been working with Atlantic Coast Transport for over 20 years,  owner operated business with many new trucks and getting close to 200 vehicles per month from all over the country to New York delivered to our dealerships with the greatest experience and 100% Satisfaction, Will recommend to everybody.

Norman, Masterz Auto Motive

I recently had Atlantic Coast transport my daughter’s car from Harrison, NY to Lake Worth, Florida.  The price was SO reasonable.  Frank and Angela were so helpful, pleasant and professional.  The drop off was right in my neighborhood and the car was shipped a day earlier than anticipated.  I will recommend Atlantic Coast Auto without reservation. You usually get what you pay for, but this does not apply to this company.  The best!!!!

A. S. , Westchester, NY

This company was spot on from pick up to delivery. They did what they said they would do and. Charged what they said they would charge, no hidden charges or miscellaneous fees.That’s what business is all about. I would recommend them to anyone moving from Long Island NY to Florida.

David S. , Bronx, NY

A team who cares about your vehicle and your experience with long distance towing in New York and the US.

Decades of experience shipping cars all over New York and the U.S.

Straight answers, a solution based attitude and old world family business customer experience.